We did some walls in 2007, not lot as hell, but 3 walls in a year, that's really a lot for us.
You already can see, what we did at IBUG 07 some blog entries before.

So this is what we did at the Whizz Kids Fine Arts Club @ Designers Open 07 in Leipzig. Other artists around on this event: möe, Karl Toon & xhoch4, ... .

It seems like a curse, that we never have high quality pictures of our walls or the opportunity to take some.

The other wall we did last year was in Leipzig, too. It was some kind of a promotion event for the upcoming launch of a social webcommunity called cyworld.de (which is already switched off) and was called White Gallery. Other artists on this event: (for) möe (we lay dying), Karl Toon, Ta55o, Tshunc, Zone56, Panker, 45x, ... .

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