We designed & programmed another website for an office for psychological consultion & therapeutic pedagogy.


Also we silkscreened, cutted & folded the covers for the upcoming 7" of Apocaplexy Records. The label waits for the records, so we can silkscreen the labels and it can be released. An update is for sure!

some off topic news:
our mates of flu.ID now play in different bands - roeder & xavi play now in
Celan & kroever now plays in Ruptur >> go check them out.

Defiant Hearts Records have a new record out now (we silkscreened the covers):
The Guilt Show - Before They Know We Are All Dead 7"
Go: consume consume consume consume consume consume consume!

If your pet is sadly dead and you're up to do something really special to express your emotions, head over to
Cuddly Creatures. Julia makes tiny coffins for every sort of pets. Drop her a line to get some more info and pictures. You'll find her on dawanda.com, too - but we actually don't know, if she has some coffins on that.

rOeder is on tour with Bombee+ right now with Hannah from A Whisper In The Noise. Check the dates, go out, drink something and have a good time.