Some time went by, time for a short update about some Dekor Labor matters:

a) We programmed an online shop for a new founded company distributing everything you need for riding moto cross, check it out!

b) At the moment we organize some special merch & prepare the silkscreening for the next big thing called CELAN, a band with members of Unsane, Oxbow, Einstürzende Neubauten and our dear friends Xavi & Roedi of flu.ID. This merch is the most ambitious merchandise project we've done so far, everything handcrafted - maybe you know, we like it that way. This merch will feature artwork of Paul XRRRX!. Now, you can be tense about that. We'll present this thing, when the tour this fall starts.

c) IBUG starts again this august, maybe you know something about, about 2 weeks of legal painting in old rundown warehouses. At the moment, we don't know, if we can take part of it this year, because of some problems with our time schedule (one of us is having vacation).

d) We designed and printed a flyer for a local youth center called EJ Shalom, if you are near by Gera around the 09/10/09, come check out the show!

e) We are also on the last breaths of a new project with a ripp off title of a famous 80's movie and it has something to do with plotting, nothing more to mention yet. We are also in the making of new stuff for Ponyhell Records, programming online shops, we also did some new silkscreen prints and some arty farty stuff with our spray cans, but they will be a secret until 2010.

f) last but not least, our friends in THYBEAUX, prog-post-rock band from Dresden, Germany looking for a new female female voice, if you're feeling yourself affected, drop them a line!

So far for now, enjoy the summer and see you!