We made some special merchandise again! We always love to do such special things - so our friends in CELAN hooked us up to create something special. The band named themselves after the well known poet Paul Celan. So it was near to create something, what has to do with writing, poetics and stuff like that.¹

Handbinded linen notebooks with a 1c handscreened print of the bandlogo. Hook them up on their tour, started yesterday!


18/09/09 Incubate Festival NL Tilburg
19/09/09 The Borderline UK London
20/09/09 Cabaret Electric FRA Le Havre
21/09/09 La Peniche Excelsior FRA Le Mans
22/09/09 Le Nouveau Casino FRA Paris
23/09/09 Le Grillen FRA Colmar
24/09/09 Le Romandie CH Lausanne
25/09/09 Dachstock CH Bern
26/09/09 Salzhaus CH Winterthur
27/09/09 Stadtwerkstatt AUT Linz
28/09/09 007 CZ Prague
29/09/09 Beatpol GER Dresden
30/09/09 Kassablance GER Jena
02/10/09 AJZ GER Bielefeld
03/10/09 4ADigital BEL Diksmuide
05/10/09 JAZ GER Rostock
06/10/09 Joppen DK Copenhagen
07/10/09 Hafenklang GER Hamburg
08/10/09 Bastard GER Osnabrück
09/10/09 Dynamo NL Eindhoven
10/10/09 Conne Island GER Leipzig
11/10/09 Lido GER Berlin

¹ @ rOeder - we can bring the proof.