The last week, we silkscreened the tourposter for the upcoming Where Water Goes Tour 2010 of the swedish post-hardcore band Traktor. It's a 3 colour silkscreen on recycled paper, limited to 50 copies. The band will have some copies on tour, but you can get it as well through Dekor Labor / Apocaplexy Records.

Design again by Coffee And Ghosts

We hope you enjoy.

Short update.

First we silkscreened some shirts for the Gera / Leip
zig based band Ruptur, featuring ex-members of flu.ID.

We also silkscreened a ton of shirts and sweaters for a company called Language Farm, it's some kind of the wellknown "Ferienlager" or scoutcamps happening during the school holidays. But the Language Farm combines social aspects with training languages, nice concept.

Local rockband Dernier Crie asked us, if we would do a repress of their Stalker Hits Baby EP. And we did, 50 copies on a 4 Panel chipboard with a 1c silkscreenprint and a screened CD.

An last but not least, we did a new logo for the local band Low Life Loretta following their perceptions and the packaging of their promotion CD. Watch out for their upcoming full length.

Some days ago, we handscreened the preorder edition of the fresh released The Omnipresent Disease - Dressed Like You 10" on Spastic Fantastic Records.
Three colour silkscreen print (black, neon green, silver) limited to 50 copies.

Also we did the layout and the silkscreening of Ponyhell Records latest release on Minidisc with a stunning packaging: Daggers - Along The Acheron MD.