It's time for an unusual post on our blog. First it's in english again & second, it's not really a Dekor Labor content, but anyway. In February we silkscreened a limited poster for a show w/ Gods & Queens from Philly, Zann & Robogünther, die stahlmachine (both Germany) and yes, the show was a total blast.

As you read, the post is about Gods & Queens - the unquestionable fact is: they're a liveband. And we guess they know it, cause everytime we watch their damn blog, they have new dates posted. All of their records (coming through ambitious labels like
Adagio830, Robotic Empire or Sons Of Vesta) sadly can't reach their live energy and the joy you'll have of being part of a great show and a shit talkin' Jamie. For sure you can't transport something like that on a record, it's simply impossible. Definitly one of a band/show, we'll remember in ten or more years.

There is one song on their last 7", which will let you feel a little bit, how the band will sound/act on stage. So damn great. The video was shot by
Ryan Navazio and you'll find the story behind it here.

And yes! It's even better then Scrape of Unsane, cause they were noble enough to pass on live-footage!
Best scene in Scrape: 1:21.

Gods & Queens wordpress
Kaffee & Kuchen (Siebdruck Poster)

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