Best band, best driver. And the first shirt of Gods And Queens, that doesn't look like a cave drawing. Hahahah, just kidding, Jamie! And we were allowed to print it. Thanks a million.

They'll pick up those shirts, when they play at the venue called Sächsischer Bahnhof in Gera at the 26th of november 2011 and you'll get them also on the following dates of the rest of their tour.

Nov 26 Saechsischer Bahnhof Gera, Germany
Nov 27 Schokoladen Berlin, Germany *Early Show*
Nov 28 Exhaus Trier, Germany
Nov 29 Waldmeister Solingen, Germany
Nov 30 AZ Aachen, Germany
Dec 1 De Onderbroek Nijmegen, Netherlands
Dec 2 Secret Spot Oostende, Belgium
Dec 3 Vera Groningen, Netherlands *Free Show*

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