We did the design and the 2 coloured silkscreening of the preorder cover of the Black Kites / Convulsions Split LP on Adagio830, Glory Kid & Nerdcore Records. And we did special labels for the Nerdcore version (pics shown below), which is limited to 30 copies.

The Glory Kid promo text says it: "Slowly churning from an idea among like-minded music mongers to a realistic formality, this kinship between two unique outfits has finally come to fruition. Both trekking from the same school of thought, this split demonstrates how the words "chaotic" and "rhythm" can be used in the same sentence to describe such signature styles. Black Kites moves forward with their aggressive yet emotionally unhinged sound that has taken them years to cultivate. Taking no issues lightly, lyrically Black Kites has proven to be just as harsh and cunning with words as their instrumental infrastructure. As for Convulsions, they have taken on a new forms by flexing their "Prog-Rock" muscles while retaining and perfecting their ongoing, derailing composition. This is truly a match-maid in well, heaven?"